Integration events

Team building event, feast, concert organising

The area surrounding the Silver Mine is perfect for organising all kinds of outdoor events. Available is the space between the parking lot and the steam engine exhibition. Marquees can be conveniently put up there. In addition, we can provide a power connection of up to 5 kV.

Convenient location away from urban noise makes projects organised around here more attractive.

The area where steam engines are exhibited is dedicated to organising educational and fun events, such as field games and team building. In addition, a water wheel meant for ore washing is available, which may fit in some field game perfectly. The space within the steam engine exhibition is ideal for outdoor theatre performances. Also our Miniature Heritage Railway, going around the open air museum, may become a part of an event.

Conference, business meeting organising

The Mine building hosts a fully equipped, air-conditioned cinema and conference room which can accommodate about 100 persons (number of available seats may be increased).

The room is fitted with a panel giving access to a sound system and multimedia projector. Furthermore, section lighting has been installed, adjusted to video projections and multimedia presentations.

Exhibition, chamber concert organising

A beautifully illuminated exhibition space in the Silver Mine building may host events such as vernissages or standing parties. You can also rent an exhibition space to organise promotions or chamber concerts. Such attractive surroundings can be used for business meetings as well. This marvellously presentable room will raise the importance and prestige of such an event.


Every year, on the second Saturday in June, the Silver Mine participates in Poland’s biggest festival dedicated to industrial monuments - INDUSTRIADA. As part of this festivity, various shows, competitions and theme workshops are organised on the premises of the Mine and the Open Air Steam Engine Museum. Attractions are meant for a wide audience, from children and young people, for whom art and music workshops are prepared, all the way to technology enthusiasts who can admire steam engine models. On this day, we also try to introduce additional treats, such as a show of historic free miners’ work.

Wedding photoshoot organising

The open air steam engine museum provides a perfect scenery for photoshoots - wedding, family or connected with other celebrations. Old steam engines and steam locomotives look truly impressive in photographies.


Field games and underground attractions

Severe conditions at the Silver Mine allow one to feel the atmosphere of the miners’ work all those years ago. Chambers may serve to organise various shows or educational and physical games.


Field games and underground attractions

One of the most spectacular attractions is a show of historic miners’ work. The staging gives an idea of how toilsome miner craft was. During the show, the audience are engaged in mining works and get to know mining excavation methods.


Field games and underground attractions

An extraordinary treat that can make your Silver Mine touring even more interesting is a meeting with the Treasurer. During the staging, the good spirit of the underworld tells tourists legends and stories related to mining in Tarnowskie Góry.


Field games and underground attractions

Another uncommon attraction is a fictionalised underground touring - meeting characters that played a very significant role in the history of industry development in Tarnowskie Góry and Upper Silesia.


Field games and underground attractions

The Silver and Collapse Chambers as well as the God Bless Landing Place offer a vast space perfectly fitted for organising sports events (underground training).


Field games and underground attractions

The staircase (40.5 m) can be used for a run from underground to the ground level. Participants of this uncommon sports competition must cover 200 steps as fast as possible. At the level “0”, not only runtime, but also pulse rate are measured.

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